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Our Team 

Get to Know Us

Aranda Afters cares deeply about our staff members. We strive to create an environment where our staff members feel at home so that we can ensure the best care for the kids at our service. We have a diverse team - ranging from musicians to economics. We are always up for a chat!

Meet The Team


Lledó Mustieles 

Emmy Kudo

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Abby Schoon

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Solange Poinas

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Liki Chan-Tung

Glen Qi

Grace Ross

Kara McKenzie

Program Supervisor 

Program Supervisor 

Program Supervisor 

Program Supervisor 

Our Staff

Staff Star 

Congratulations Leo!


You have been such a welcome addition to the Aranda Afters Team. You are a great team member who is so reliable and always ready to help. You have shown great initiative and we are so thankful for all you do!

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