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Information about what's happening around Canberra this Month

What's on in Canberra?

This page outlines some big events that are happening in and around Canberra. You never know, you may see some of our Educators involved in these events!


Something for our Volleyball fans in the community, the new Australian Volleyball Super League has just begun! You can catch some of our local volleyball athletes playing in Lyneham at the Hockey Centre, or catch them on SBS On Demand every week! Have a chat to our Educators as one of our own will be playing in these games!

Rugby League

The semi-finals are on for the local Rugby League. Some of our very own are playing in the Eagles team in 1st and 2nd Grade competitions. Come on down for your fill of top level Community Rugby League in the ACT.

Possum Magic.PNG

Possum Magic

Mem Fox and Julie Vivas’ beloved picture book Possum Magic has enchanted children for decades, and Monkey Baa Theatre Company brings the paper and ink to life on stage once again! Using a clever, nuanced palette of live action, stage magic, an original soundscape, elements of puppetry and projected animation, Monkey Baa’s award-winning creative team have translated the whimsical world of the book to a live experience for audiences 3–8 years (and their families). Starts on the 21st of September at the Canberra Theatre!

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