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Assessment and Rating

A key component of the National Quality Framework is continuous quality improvement.

Authorised officers from each state and territory regulatory authority are responsible for assessing and rating education and care services in their jurisdictions against the new National Quality Standard. A Guide to the National Quality Framework can be found here.

If you would like to learn more about Nation Quality Standard Ratings, the following link provides an overview of the National Quality Standard rating system and how the rating system works: 

National Quality Standard Ratings

We underwent our first Assessment and Rating process in 2018.  The rating received by Aranda Afters was:

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Based on the report we received at the end of this process, and the feedback it contained, we have already implemented a range of strategies to improve the quality of our programs and a number of operational procedures at Aranda Afters.

To assist our service in insuring we are continually improving and complying with regulations we have created a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). This is an ongoing process that is constantly assisting us to evaluate and make change based of improving the quality of our program. Our QIP will be publicly available later this year, as it is currently under active review.

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