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Summer Time Fun! 

Enrolments for Summer SVC are now open!
The 2023 Summer SVC booking form can be found here.
Please click here for our wet weather program for those activities that may be weather affected. 

This Summer SVC will be running from the 3rd of January 2023 to the 30th of January. The service will be closed on the 26th of January as it is a Public Holiday. Our Service is open from 8:30am - 6pm. A range of activities will be provided for the children while they are at the service and during excursions and incursions. Morning tea and Lunch is not provided by the service although a range of different Afternoon tea meals is provided every afternoon for the children.

Please ensure that you have submitted a 2023 enrolment form before submitting your SVC booking form, otherwise we will be unable to process your vacation care booking. 

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Welcome to SVC 

My name is Angelica Sneider. I am the SVC coordinator which means I manage all programs. 

The Aranda Afters School Vacation Care (SVC) program operates from 8.30 am – 6.00 pm; Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays and our Christmas/New Year shut down period), during ACT school vacation periods.


The SVC Booking Form is released every term on the Monday of Week 7 for the upcoming school holiday period. Information about this process will be emailed to families on Friday of Week 6. Information and booking forms for our upcoming SVC program will be placed on this page at the commencement of the booking period for each SVC program period. Please note that in order to enrol for our vacation care program, you must complete a 2022 Aranda Afters Enrolment form AND an Aranda Vacation Care Booking Form for any/all children.

2022 Aranda Afters Enrolment Form for new families can be found via this link. 

To be added to the mailing list, email us at:

For questions or queries relating to SVC, email us at

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Summer SVC Overview 

The SVC Overview can be found here!
  • Introduction to SVC.
    Week 1 Spring SVC. 
    Week 2 Spring SVC. 
    Spring SVC Afternoon Tea Menu.
    My Time, Our Place Achievements. 
    National Quality Standards. 

Excursion Permission Forms

To meet our regulations surrounding gaining permission for transporting children to and from the service, and removing children from the service grounds, we have implemented an Excursion Permission Form.

This form must be completed fully by a Parent/Guardian otherwise we will be unable to take your child/ren on our excursions. Multiple children are able to be put on the same form, and we recommend that each excursion is signed, so that if your bookings change throughout the program we don’t need an updated form.

You can find this permission form here.

Please note: if your child is attending the excursion to Flip Out, you must also fill out the waiver linked here.

Risk Assessments

Please see Risk Assessments for our Excursions below. We will provide printed copies, which are available at the service on request. The relevant risk assessment will also be displayed on the day of the excursion at the Rolls Table. The risk assessments will also be attached to the booking form (links to the relevant risk assessment attached to the booking date).

Spring SVC Calendar 2022 

Previous SVC


Please contact Angelica, the SVC coordinator, for any feedback or questions 

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