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Welcome to ASC 

Aranda Afters offers After School Care (ASC) during the school term. To find out how to attend, check out how to enrol with us!

Our program hours of operation are: 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm; Monday to Friday during ACT school term time. Excludes ACT public holidays. 

Aranda Afters ASC Programs

Term 4: 2023

Educational Goal:

Through this program Aranda Afters desires to achieve developing children's skills, autonomous learning and confidence through our scaffolded activities, spontaneous play and an adaptive program that is designed to further promote interdependence and the individual strengths of the child.

This will be promoted through scaffolded activities that will encourage our students to take control of their own learning, our educators will support this through evidence based pedagogy.


Cultural Goal:

At Aranda Afters we aim for each person's voice to be heard and we believe that everyone's beliefs and values has a place in our community.

In Week 2 we will be celebrating Christmas in July with festive stalls and a variety of international dishes for the children to try

Sustainable Goal:

At Aranda After's we strive to be a more sustainable service. Sustainable practices are becoming a common part of our everyday routines at Aranda Afters. we are increasing our use of recycled material in our activities for the remainder of the year, as well as encouraging kids to use natural materials in artwork and start thinking about ways we can grow and eat our own food.

Aranda Music and Arts (AMA)

Many of the children attending Aranda Afters also attend programs operated by Aranda Music and Arts (AMA). 

Families, with children participating in AMA programs,  are asked to complete and return an Aranda Afters 2023 Extra-Curricular Permissions Form to the Aranda Afters office to ensure our rolls are maintained accurately.  This is particularly important in emergency situations as we need to be able to account for all children who are meant to be with us.

Aranda Afters 2023 Extra-Curricular Permissions Form

NB:  Children will not be able to depart from Afters to attend these programs if the permission form is not returned.

Children Departing the Service 

Children Departing the Service Form. 

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